Here are some resources to help you set up your new Weather Poster:


Weather Poster Setup guide PDF: Set-up-weatherposter-Website*^

Weather Poster Command Line Setup guide PDF: Set-up-weatherposter-command-line

*On some systems, after picking a WiFi for your Weather Poster to connect with (Step 4), it will fail to connect and you will have to click the retry button (this may happen three or four times before the poster actually connects and gives you the ‘success’ notification.

^ Please make sure you do not have any Ad Blocker or VPN services turned on when setting up your Weather Poster. It may block the connection.


We’re seeing this dynamic where the posters get delivered in hot delivery trucks and then seem to retain a lot of their heat internally, with our internal heating elements encouraging this (even though their only heating 4 icon slots, it seems to be enough to stop the rest of the poster properly cooling). This in turn, keeps the icons activated prematurely.

We suggest:
• Turning the poster off at the wall.
• Give the poster some time (an hour plus) to cool down, so all the icons have returned to blue.
• Make sure it’s in a room cooler than 25c/77f
• Then turn the poster back on at the wall.


IINET guide for connecting to new WiFi accounts from a variety of devices: Click this link for a Guide